Why Firefly Skies?

I feel incredibly fortunate to have grown up under the bright, Texas blue sky. Yes, our education system is fractured (we do have some amazing teachers though!!), our governors often possess a severe lack of empathy, but our Texas blue sky is just about perfect. So. There's that.

Childhood was spent running barefoot under a twilight sky with a mason jar in hand catching fireflies. Sometime before dinner. After homework. Bathtime on the horizon. The promise of summer lingered in the air. I'd do just about anything to feel that carefree again.

A firefly doesn't look like much more than an ugly almost moth. It is small, slow and and never seems to fly in any sort of a conventional manner. And yet... that glow. One staccatoed burst through a boring exterior evokes immediate curiosity, laughter, adventure, pursuit, promise, legacy and joy to so many big and small.

What a gift for such a little, weirdy bug. 

So when the very hard seems take hold, you'll find me in it... eyes towards those firefly skies looking for the glow in the day.

About Me.

I have been painting furniture for as long as I can remember. Back when I was much thinner, much younger, responsible for much less people... I still found myself there. Whatever the day cast in my shadows, I would face it with earbuds in, paint in hand, sorting it all out or just taking a moment to forget. 

I am often asked about the outlets I find for stress. Working all these years as a Child Life Specialist in a pediatric trauma rooms, in the ICU, on the oncology units... often supporting families on what is their very worst day...

This is it.

Good company. Incredible tunes. All that sweet, twinkly nighttime goodness. 
A time of no "have tos", "should haves" or "I musts"
Firefly light.

My Glow

We all have the bright spots in our heart that cast the very best glow. 

These are mine:

It is so very nice to meet you.

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